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What is Cross?: Join David Platt, Trip Lee, John Piper, and others for CROSS20. They gather to consider the most loving cause in the universe: making the name of Jesus known in every corner of the world.

CROSS Conference is an online live-streamed event hosted by First Baptist Church of Altoona.

How Much Does it Cost?: 10$

When is it?: Friday January 29th - Saturday January 30th.

Where?: Come to First Baptist Church Friday night and Saturday to watch it when it was live in December - streamed with us. Food and drinks will be provided, times of worship and discussion will be hosted by facilitators, come prepared and ready to worship together and dig deep into the Lords Prayer as we begin 2021.


All times are EST and approximate. This schedule is subject to change.

Session 1 — Friday, Jan. 29


5:30 p.m.Welcome, Testimony, and Introduction
6 p.m.Main Talk: “Our Father in Heaven”
Trip Lee
6:45 p.m.Panel Discussion
7:20 p.m.Global Update
7:25 p.m.Prayer
7:35 p.m.Main Talk: “Hallowed Be Your Name”
John Piper
8:20 p.m.Panel Discussion
8:50 p.m.Reflection and Discussion


Session 2 — Saturday, Jan. 30


1 p.m.Welcome and Testimony
1:15 p.m.Main Talk: “Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done”
Kevin DeYoung
1:55 p.m.Prayer
2:20 p.m.Global Update
2:30 p.m.Main Talk: “Forgive Us Our Debts”
Wayne Chen
3:15 p.m.Live Q&A
3:45 p.m.Reflection and Discussion


Session 3 — Saturday, Jan. 30


6:30 p.m.Welcome and Testimony
6:45 p.m.Global Update
7 p.m.Panel Discussion
7:30 p.m.Prayer
7:45 p.m.Main Talk: “Lead Us Not Into Temptation”
David Platt
8:30 p.m.Charge and Prayer
9 p.m.Reflection and Discussion

Any Questions contact the church office at (814)-943-8162 on how you can be serving in our ministry and be a part of the gatherings we have.